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Email Queue Enable this to use Queue for sending email. Show inbox, sentbox and deletebox item count If enabled will display the mail count totals in each folder, i. Multi-step Registration Form Enabling this option will turn the registration process into multiple steps and using as few fields as we can on the first step to entice users to register. Spam Check Requires All Questions If set to Yes visitors will have to answer all of the spam questions available before creating their account.

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Enable 2-step verification Google Authenticator generates 2-step verification codes on your phone. Meta Keywords Enter the meta keywords for all pages.

Redirect After SignUp Add the full path you want to send users right phpfix they register. Global Time Stamp Each module has items that are displayed and use our time stamp settings to display the date the way we would like.

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Note that this option requires a load balanced server and in many cases several SQL servers just to support this sort of query on an active community.

Friends Display Limit Define how many friends should be displayed on a users profile and dashboard. Note that the medium thumbnail is displayed on the website instead of the original image to save bandwidth. Site Title Delimiter This value will be used as the delimiter to separate titles being added for each page on the site.

Phpfox::isMobile PHP Method Code Examples - HotExamples

For male and female we used Male and Female to populate this value. Friends Only Set to Yes if you would like news feed to only be displayed to the user and their friends.

Go to your admin area. Set to No if you would like to have user profiles connected via their username.

Copyright Add your site's copyright. Please help me to change default template to my own html template. Active Session Define how long a user is displayed as active on the site in minutes. Hardcoded phrases will not have brackets. Notification Title Length When users receive a notification certain items include a title.

With 2-step verification signing in will require a code generated by the Google Authenticator app in addition to your account password. This is useful if you have a large number of users who are behind transparent proxies and have an IP address that can change randomly between request such as AOL.

It effectively contains diffs. Email White List Add sites that you want to allow in external emails. Auto Responder Subject Phrase This is the phrase that will be used when sending an auto response message. Total Comments in Activity Feed Define how many comments should be displayed within each activity feed.

Auto Delete Old Mail This setting enables or disables the auto deletion of old messages. Also rename folder inside this folder cosmic to new folder name. Pages with a location defined will show up in the list of establishments when the user is posting a status update.

Show Preview Message If enabled, users will see a short version of their messages. Sign up or log phpofx Sign up using Google. I want to change to my own html template instead of default template!

This pypfox only used if threaded replies are enabled. Search user groups settings Turn on this setting if you want to search user groups settings in AdminCP.

PHP Method Phpfox::isMobile Code Examples

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. When this is done they will no longer appear to be online 33.3 other members view their profile. Check For Promotions If you enable this option it will enable the promotion system and will run a check on users when they are logged into the site.

By default we only display public items in what we call sections eg.

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